1. Live It

This song is my tribute to Andrew W.K


Live your life
while you are still living
and take a step
This is just the beginning
and don't hold back
Y'know life is an airplane, so fly it

Take a chance
while you can still take it
and give your heart
but try not to break it
and strip yourself
until you are naked and try it

Live it
Love it
Know it
Give it
Free it
Lose it, be it

Don't sleep now
This is no time for dozing
just jump outside
'cause the window is closing
The time is now
and the spotlight is yours, so don't waste it

Get your fill
while the getting is good
and just make that call
'cause you know that you should
you'll find life is sweet
when you stick out your tongue and just taste it

Live it
Love it
Know it
Give it
Free it
Lose it, be it

I, I can feel the sun
I can feel the rain
Do you wanna feel what I feel?

Make your choice
It's now or never
and don't look back
You know it's for the better
And make mistakes
It's good experience. Do it

Don't ever tell yourself that what you want is not for you
or that living dreams is only something other people do
When you look back will you say that you enjoyed life
or just that you go through it?

Live it, love it, know it, give it
Free it, lose it, be it, see it
You can't know for sure that it won't work
until you try it for yourself