Welcome to AaronAckerson.net!

Welcome to the new, streamlined home of my music. I recently lost my old domain and used that seeming setback as inspiration to revamp my web presence.

I've set up a site on Bandcamp, where for the first time you can stream every track from my first album and download them for any price you name, or for free. And on that same site you can still buy a physical copy of the CD.

I've put every track from the album on my YouTube channel, including high quality versions of the "Not The End" and "Theme from the Sexiest Man on Earth" videos.

Also, I've set up a facebook page where you can "like" my music and stay connected with my goings on.

My second album, Outside on the Inside, is still around the corner, but before that, you can expect the release of Mission Complete, the new album by the video game and anime music band The Spoony Bards, which I've spent the last few years producing.

Last, I have recently signed up for worldwide digital distribution of my music, so in the coming weeks and months you can expect The Sexiest Man on Earth to start popping up on your favorite online music stores.

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